Vickie Sanders Permanent Make Up

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Vickie has become an institution known for setting the highest  standards of quality and safety. Vickie uses only disposable products and top of the line limited ingredient pigments. Vickie is dedicated not only to the satisfaction and the welfare of her clients but also to exceeding all Health Department requirements.
Vickie Sanders is a renowned artist and leader in the permanent make up industry. With 18 years of sucess in skin care and color technique design, Vickie combines years of acquired training and knowledge from working with the top cosmetic companies in the world.
Vickie's standard philosophy "You're only as good as your last client" is a self preserving way to keep the integrity of her staff on a day to day and person to person basis. She is always training artists and/or technicians to not only meet but surpass her standards of quality, bringing out their own artistic abilities.
Vickie is always seeking the latest advances in technology and developed the popular "smudged look" technique for permanent eyeliner.
Permanent make up is a state of the art method of applying natural pigment to the dermal layer of the skin. This technique was medically developed and specifically designed for the complete safety of various procedures such as eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, lip color, blush, scar camouflage, areola restoration, vitiligo, freckles, age spots, stretch marks and birth marks.
Permanent make up can be applied to look natural for the enhancement of your own personal features. This allows you the leeway to achieve a more dramatic look with application of regular make up as your mood dictates. This new technology of make up will impress those of us who are so busy, as well as those with oily skin and athletes such as swimmers, tennis players, excercise enthusiests etc. whose make up as rubbed off or faded by the end of the day. Also contact lens wearers or anyone allergic to the use of regular make up will find this procedure extremely beneficial.
Both men and women will look their best at all times, no matter how busy their life styles have become.
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